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I am a Roman Family Teaching and Research Fellow in Computer Science at Barnard College. Before joining Barnard, I was a PhD student in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, where I was affiliated with the Center for Language and Speech Processing and advised by Benjamin Van Durme.

My research interests include natural language processing and computational social science. In particular, I study the reasoning capabilities and biases in natural language processing models. I also apply natural language processing to other fields to glean insights from large amounts of text. Most recently, I have been applying NLP techniques to open problems in public health and social sciences.

If you are a Barnard or Columbia student interested in natural language processing or data science research, please reach out! I have on-going and new research projects and I am open to ideas that you have as well. In general, I am excited about most problems related to data science and machine learning applied to language.

BC COMS 2710 (Computational Text Analysis): If you are interested in this summer course, please fill out this short Google Form. The course is in active development mode and your answers will help with course planning and development.

I tweet primarily about natural language processing.

Office: 512 Milstein Center
Office Hours (Fall 2020):
TR 4:00-5:00 pm (EST).